Need more visitors at multi-cultural festivals

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Published: June 20, 2009

I attended last weekend's Multi-Cultural Festival, hosted by Hmong Community Development, and found it was pretty much one culture there. The festival appeared to be all Hmong vendors and shows. As an old white guy, I was one of only a few I saw there.

I had hoped to see a truly multi-cultural event; with information, vendors, exhibits and demonstrations from multiple cultures. Even if it was mainly Asian, I was hoping to find a local Korean booth. Hoped there would be a Korean food vendor since we don't have a Korean restaurant in town.

As a retired master sergeant, I've learned to appreciate many different cultures. I can accept language, food and customs that are different than what I was raised with. Shucks, I've even been married to a real Yankee. They have some unusual customs.

For all we talk about diversity and multi-culturism, and for all the different cultures that live around here, people still don't seem to appreciate other cultures. I regularly attend events where I stand out as different than the target audience.

Sure would love to see more of y'all at these events. Come on out folks, if for no other reason than to try the food and learn about your neighbors.

I applaud and thank the folks who organized this festival. I hope in the future they are able to bring in more exhibitors and vendors from all the many cultures represented by the people who live in our area.

Alan Dockery


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