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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just in case you didn't know.

My review is posted here.

Recently widowed senior Walt Kowalski speaks his mind no matter who he offends, and growls under his breath whenever he disagrees with those around him. Much of his personal values are shaped from his time in the Korean War. He doesn't understand his family, nor they him. As such, they tolerate each other more than love each other. He has lived in the same house for much of his adult life, in an older working class suburban neighborhood of Detroit. It is slowly transforming into an immigrant neighborhood. The Lor family, of ethnic Hmong descent, move in next door to Walt, the family which includes two teenagers: outspoken Sue, and brooding and passive Thao. The neighbors' initial "don't speak to me" relationship changes when, out of circumstance, Walt saves Thao from a potentially violent incident with a Vietnamese youth gang. This incident, only the latest of run-in's Thao has had with them, sparks the neighbors to get to know each other. This new relationship with his neighbors extends to an antagonistic relationship with the Vietnamese gang. Walt realizes that neither Thao or Sue will ever be able to live in peace as long as the gang exists. Written by Huggo


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