Multi-Cultural Festival this weekend in Lenoir

Friday, June 12, 2009

From Staff Reports

Published: June 12, 2009

Hmong Community Development, Inc. and Hmong Press Radio will host the first Multi-Cultural Festival at Caldwell County Fairgrounds in Lenoir on Saturday and Sunday.

"This is a great event for the entire family. And everyone is invited," said Tong Yang, chairman of the Board of Hmong Community Development. "The festival is designed to bring people from various back-grounds together to learn more about each other and to have a great time."

The Festival is designed to attract people from different backgrounds to come to join the Hmong families for two days of fun and festivities, Yang said.

The festival will feature various cultural shows and performances as well as sports competition. The opening ceremony is at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Caldwell County Fairgrounds is Gates open at 7 a.m. admission fee is $3 per person. Admission for those younger than 8 and older 60 is free.

Hmong Community Development, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improve and enhance the lives of the economically disadvantaged residents of the Unifour through education, training, employment, housing, health and language access, individual development and family enrichment.

Hmong Press Radio is a radio program in Hmong language on WCXN 1170 AM in Hickory.


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Anonymous,  June 13, 2009 at 5:31 AM  

This is interesting yet every time there's an event in Lenoir or Hickory, I'm always hesitant to go. Perhaps it's because the "festival" is more focused on who can sell the most of their inventory or because there are constantly kids running around in little groups starting trouble.

There's always a sports tournament, an after-party for the adults, and a club-like party for the younger crowd but if you attend every year, you'll notice that it's the same people coming in and out.

I would love to see an event at the fairgrounds that is more family friendly and more focused on tradition and heritage. Of course this will need to be something that is worked on from both sides of the fence (the event holders and the attendees).

Great blog, by the way!

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