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For the great victory over the Vietminh 1944, and for sacrificed so much to save many of the French officials from the brutal treatment for using as cattle by the Japanese troops, the Hmong warriors were granted our own autonomy called " Moung Meo or Hmong Autonomy " after the U.S. bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima 1945.

( - For the great victory over the Vietminh 1944, and for sacrificed so much to save many of the French officials from the brutal treatment for using as cattle by the Japanese troops, the Hmong warriors were granted our own autonomy called “ Moung Meo or Hmong Autonomy ” after the U.S. bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima 1945.

April 21st, 2009 the first ever Hmong nation will be held a Conference in St. Paul, MN. U.S.A. to remember the brutal human rights violation against the Hmong indigenous women, children and men, which caused over 100,000 Hmong lost their lives in Laos especially at the “ Moung Meo or Hmong Autonomy, Xaysomboun Special Zone” Xieng Khoung province, Laos for the time span of over thirty three years from the 1975- 2009. Many died from guns, chemical yellow rain, nails, air crafts, jet Mi-21, 16, torture or starvation, perpetrated by Lao dictator President Chommaly Sayasone and his regime, who sponsored Lao, Vietnamese and other foreigners such as Cubans or even Europeans mercenaries.

“ The Holocaust Remembrance month, is coinciding to the third year anniversary of the terrible massacre of 26 Hmong woman and children in April 6, 2006, which was heavy condemned by the U.S. Ambassador to Laos, Ms. Patricia Haslach” stated Chairman Yang. The Hmong community with the support by many victim families and NGOs including the Hmong Genocide Team, Hmong women Council of America and World Hmong Congress urgent adopted the following resolution:

Whereas, on May 8, 1975 the PathetLao or Lao People Democratic Republic, adopted a race genocidal policy called “Serd Leng Meo dap”, meaning war over and Hmong indigenous finish;

Whereas, to finish the Hmong Indigenous on July 18, 1977 Lao PDR Secretary General Kaysone Phouvihane, went to Hanoi, Vietnam and signed the twenty five years Lao- Vietnam Friendships Cooperation and requested 65,000 to suppress the Hmong ChaoFa indigenous Autonomy;

Whereas, in the summer of 1979, thirty seven people ( 37 ) Hmong women, children and men were beating to death in the city of Moung Cha, Saisomboun Special Zone;

Whereas, in the Summer of 1979, three villages over 100 Hmong women, men and a children were killed near Nan Chia village, by the order of Lao General Boun Chan troops under the commander of Kham Souk and and Kham Sor ( Khmu ethnic );

Whereas, about 1984 total 156 Hmong women, children and men were killed by chemical poison bombs in the cave of Moua Cher Pao, Boung Long, Houa Phan Province, ordered by Lt. General Chommaly Sayasone and Vietnamese Lt. Dao Troung Lich;

Whereas, eyes witness twenty five Hmong men right arms were cut off; left arms tied on the back and chained in front of Phomsavang store, forced walked in line to Ban Nouk and never to be seen again; many of these were arrested from Boung Long, former colonel Moua Cher Pao’s strong station, Houa Phane and others were false accused for provided food to the Hmong in the jungle;

Whereas, on 19 May 2004, five Hmong children, ( four girls and a boy, age 13 to 16 years old were brutally mutilated, raped before being killed by a group of Lao mercenaries about 30- 40 of them; while the Hmong children Hmong indigenous were seeking for roots and leaves, were Mao Lee 14; her sister Chao Lee 16; Chi Her 14; Pang Lor 14; and Pang Lor’s brother Tou Lor 15 years old;

Whereas, on 6 April, 2006, twenty –six ( 26 ) Hmong Chaofa indigenous were killed, mostly women and children, while searching for roots and edible leaf, outside their hidden places in the rain forest and another four were wounded; family reported that after the victims left to search for roots and leaf in the morning, and then heard Lao government troops launched their assault, happened about 20 kilometers northeast of the tourist town of Vang Viang, Vientiane Province:

Whereas, the terrible killing was alarmed to the world, to the point that the incident was condemned by U.S. Ambassador to Laos, Ms. Patricia Haslach, and angriedly denied without any proper investigation by Lao officials;

Whereas, this violence was revisited the graves of the Hmong victims by American Journalist Mr. Roger Anord and interviewed by Aljazeera News last year 2007 ( 4 May 2006, Amnesty International, Massacre of unarmed Hmong women and children and June 2, 2006 Kyodo News );

Disturbed by the continuing deny to the UN CERD May 2006, that civil war going on since 1975 to the present 2009, ever existed; even though third party such BBC news, Time Magazine, Aljazeera news February 2008 ( the lost tribe ) were in the jungle of Laos documents and eyes witness the utter neglect Hmong indigenous continuing to suffer in the appearance of not human being and hunted by the Lao and Vietnamese mercenaries daily;

Alarmed by the growing systematic of arbitrary arrests, religion persecution ( ShongLuism ), imprisonment of Hmong indigenous men, women and children: by the total of absence of freedom of association, opinion, state sponsored Lao and Vietnamese Mercenaries to massacre Hmong women and children and taking over Hmong Autonomy and stole Hmong indigenous natural resources to Pan-Australia Company and other Vietnamese Companies without the consent of the Hmong indigenous people and the Hmong Autonomy Congress;

Condemned, Lao dictator President Chommaly Sayasone, her predecessors and their regime for the gross human rights violation against the Hmong ChaoFa indigenous in Laos for the last thirty three years, including using mercenaries such as:

( 1 ) the biggest blow that killing 26 Lao and Vietnamese mercenaries on board, on May 25, 1998, 14 Vietnamese high ranking officials, chemical experts, including top Vietnamese Lt. General Dao Lich and 12 Lao top ranking personnel were in the Russian Made Yak- 40 Military jet on the way to locate Hmong villages for further more attack by chemical and mercenaries;

( 2 ) the killing of one Lao officer, in the training Course run by two Cuban and two Vietnamese experts;

( 3 ) the killing of a Hmong General Yang Pa Sirt ( Pani Yang Thortu’s cousin ) and about 150 Lao and Kong Pa Chay Hmong and Vietnamese mercenaries were killed while learning how to use bombs and chemicals in the former Mayor Yang Youa Tong’s home in the city of Phakhet, near Moung Cha Summer 1976;

Urgent, appealing to the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon, members of UN Security Council, European Parliament, ASEANS and African Union to hold an informal Conference on Hmong Human Rights violation in Laos, as the crimes of Hmong Genocide, similar to the Rwanda genocide.

Contact: Nao Yia Yang, Assistant Secretary
Email: World Hmong

Published by: World Hmong Congress


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