Wausau Woman Honored For Work Fighting Domestic Violence

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Wausau woman is being honored for her work in ending domestic violence, specifically in the Hmong culture. Mao Khang won $10,000 from The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

A Wausau advocate for Hmong victims of domestic violence and sexual assault has a piece of a one million dollar pie.

Mao Khang received $10,000 for her work with The Women's Community from a famous foundation.

It comes from the Sunshine Lady Foundation, created by Doris Buffet, billionaire Warren Buffet's sister.

For nine years Khang has dedicated her life to ending domestic violence, and though she's already won an award, she doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

"Everybody touches my heart. They come in with their own uniqueness but everybody is a part of me and I help each of them, and I take each one close to my heart," she said.

In her culture, Khang says women don't always have a voice and are often afraid to get help.

"Growing up in it and seeing... the silence of Hmong women, that really caused me to want to fight this," she said.

Khang's work goes beyond The Women's Community. She's helped organize meetings with local Hmong leaders to begin an open dialogue about domestic violence, and how to prevent it.

"Last March we did a training of domestic violence and sexual assault 101, and it was so great we had, 160 people came," she said.

Half of the $10,000 award will go to the shelter, and half to her.

Khang says she isn't exactly sure what she'll do with the $5,000 she's received, but she is sure she'll donate it for the community's benefit.


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