Guest post talk about the murders of the 6 kids

Sunday, August 1, 2010

In response to this. She wanted to remain anonymous and I respect her for that.

I had a really weird experience in my life that I never thought would happen to me but this was the story I wanted to share.

During that time of the year, my grandpa had passed away and it was really hard to try to understand why I had lost grandpa so soon when I was so young.

A few months after, I experience being possess with spirits. The story of the six of the young children came to me.

Actually the oldest son came to see me and told me he was really angry at what his mother did to them. He says if he knew she planned on killing each of them, he would tried to help all his other younger siblings. Besides being so angry at his mother he said to me, all of his younger siblings told me that it seemed like no one would respect them where they stayed at the cementary because of no name, no tombstone.

People would step all over them and that made them felt very lonely, especially no place to go to find peace. The oldest son even told me to come visit them as soon as I could get a chance, he even told me the formatted they were buried even though when I was posses.

I couldn't see where the exact location but I know it was a cementary somewhere some place in here in Saint Paul.

I know that by me telling you this story seemed unbelievable but believe me it was all real that this happened to me when I was younger. I just needed some closure for these kids and to be happy for them that they are in a better place. I hope.

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