Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WHAT: Hmong women and children (infants) with Refugee status has been detained in crowded jailed for 999 days with out proper food and water. US representative told 4,700 Hmong in camp that the United States has no program to help them on August 7, 2009 visit. All will be forced to return to Laos.

1. We call for the immediate cessation of forced repatriation of Hmong refugees from Thailand to Laos, and that the Thai military restrain from using psychological coercion. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported returnee abuse in Laos.

2. We call on the Thai government to allow the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees unhindered access to these refugees to determine which ones have legitimate protection concerns. There needs to be a transparent screening process which complies with international law.

3. We ask that third countries, such as the U.S., Australia, and others step forward and volunteer to resettle those found to have legitimate protection concerns.
4. Those Hmong determined not to be political refugees must be returned to Laos with sufficient third-party monitoring.

5. We ask that the 158 UNHCR-recognized Hmong refugees being held in Nong Khai jail be released immediately and allowed to resettle in third countries. This group, mainly women and children, have been held in captivity for 999 days under extremely inhumane living conditions. Many plan to commit suicide rather than be forced to return to Laos.

6. There are approximately several hundred more Hmong who have already received UNHCR refugee status. They should also be allowed to leave Thailand for third country resettlement.

WHEN: August 11, 2009 at 11:00am
WHERE: In front of New Federal Court Building off of Tulare between O and P street
WHO: Hmong American Community United
(Summer Vue, Chair 559-761-4439) or (Bla Fang, Vice-Chair 559-389-8074)


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