Laos: Re-orientation of Hmong Returnees Necessary

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Hmong returnees, June 22, 2008

Laos: Re-orientation of Hmong Returnees Necessary
By Dara Baccam 01/07/2008

The spokesman for the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yong Chanthalangsy, says the re-orientation of the Hmong refugees repatriated from Thailand is necessary and a routine process, adding that the returnees must be taught the policies and guidelines of the party and state as well as the rules of the locality where they will be resettled, so as to facilitate their adjustment to their new environments.

The spokesman says re-orientation sessions are conducted regularly for every returning group by high-ranking party and state officials of Hmong origin, so that the returnees will understand better the information that is being disseminated to them.
Burned down Hmong shelters at Huay Nam Khao camp

Meanwhile, Thai military officials say the situation at Ban Huay Nam Khao detention camp in
Petchabun province has returned to normalcy. The refugees who had been protesting at the entrance of the camp have gone back inside and have been allowed to build new shelters to replace the ones that were destroyed in a fire in May.

Thai officials are said to be preparing to deport another group of Hmongs from Ban Huay Nam Khao. They are reportedly gathering names of those who would volunteer to go back, while trying to convince the unwilling ones to change their mind by telling them that they have no chance of resettling in a third country, and that their only option is to return to Laos.


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