Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Directed by Seng Yang and starring: Steve Moua, Nancy Vang and Gideon Xiong.


A love triangle between two good friends Nraug Hli Xiong aka 'X', Tou Lee and a fictional dream girl, Nkauj Hnub Xiong. X is every woman's dream man. He's successful, intelligent and beyond gorgeous, but even with all his good fortune X is empty knowing and sensing that his life is hollow and missing an essential element. Searching for the spark to his life X turns to his dreams and there finds this fantasy girl. Their love blossoms in his subconscious and X deters from reality to find a way to make his fantasy love come to life. However, trying to change the hands of fate, changes their destiny and X is trapped between two worlds.

Our Plan

We are finished with pre-production and have already shot a few scenes in its entirety.  Including all the scenes in the movie trailer and more.  The Rose Cloth is a full feature movie.  So less than 80% of the film is yet to be finished.  Once our pledged goal reaches 100%, we will resume production full force.  The task will be spread loaded among the film crew.  The film production will be based in Atlanta, Ga. and rural areas.  Once completed it will be moved into the post production phase. 

What the money will be used for

The $40,000 from KickStarter will contribute to
  • Production:  80% left to shoot, equipment  rentals, cost of props, property fees & set location rentals  
  • Final Sound:  ensure clean, crisp sound as if you are there
  • Musical Score:  music to suit the mood
  • Color Correction:  final touch ups
  • Visual Effects:  computer graphics to enhance live sets and scenery 

Backers who chose DVD or Blue Ray as your reward will be mail out on the expected release in 2012. 

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Extended trailer:

CREDITS:  "Grand Universe" by Antifan-Real, "Parallel Universe" by VisionGFX, "Discovering Space" by Mat Kraken, "Purple Wormhole" by unknown artist, "Wormhole Extravaganza" by Casperium, "Blue Wormhole" by unknown artist, "Parallel Universe" by unknown artist, "Hmong Girl Umbrella" by Jeff Lindsay, "Gen. Vang Pao, Peace" poster by unknown artist.  "Broken" instrumental by Seether and Amy Lee, all copyrights to Wind-up Records, LLC.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
* The images used in this video are for the purpose of our KickStarter and other online video only and not for mass production.  The music used in trailer is for purpose of the trailer only and will not be apart of the final full feature.  


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