Hmong Families Learn How to Eat Healthy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hmong families in northcentral Wisconsin are learning to eat healthier as part of Marathon County's Hmong Heritage Month.

A dietitian educated families at the Boys and Girls Club in Wausau on Saturday on what foods Hmong families should be cooking with.

An emphasis was placed on rice, because the majority of families eat white rice for two or three meals a day.

"We're going to try recipes that contain whole grain products such as brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread and see if they will like it and see if they will try that with their family," Mao Moua Vue, a dietitian said.

Fruits and vegetables were also highlighted as important foods for their diet.

The recipes they made were french toast with sweet potatoes and carrots, oatmeal and a Hmong salad that included a variety of vegetables.


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