Eagan Man Threatens Hmong Gardeners With Shotgun

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EAGAN, Minn. - An Eagan, Minnesota man has been charged with terroristic threats after allegedly sitting in a chair in his backyard, loading a shotgun in front of the Hmong community garden whose fence he wanted taken down.

According to the criminal complaint, 62-year-old Richard William Schliesing was upset with the gardeners, claiming their garden and fence were interrupting the deer he feeds in his backyard.

Around 8 p.m. on June 10, Eagan police were called to the area of Schliesing’s home and the community garden, near Deerwood Elementary School. With the help of an interpreter and garden organizer, police learned two gardeners with limited English had asked Schliesing to bring his complaint to the garden organizer the next day.

The gardener told police Schliesing threatened to shoot him, then went into his house and came out with a shotgun. While the gun was never pointed at anyone, he said Schliesing sat in a chair in his backyard, loading shells.

Schliesing explained to police that he took issue with the stick and string fence, which is on the edge of his property lien and about three to four feet tall. He said the height of the fence had continued to grow taller and was interfering with his ability to feed deer in his yard.

Schliesing denied having a gun, but admitted he approached the gardeners with his concerns. Officers however noticed some long guns inside a sliding glass patio door at the rear of Schliesing’s house and placed him under arrest.

Schliesing admitted to drinking some beer and registered a .088 BAC. Officers spoke with his wife, who showed them several guns in a closet. All of the guns were cased except for a .12 gauge shotgun, which wasn’t loaded at the time.


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