LZ Lambeau will honor Hmong veterans

Thursday, May 20, 2010

GREEN BAY - LZ Lambeau will give thousands of American Vietnam veterans the welcome home they never received after the war. But they're not the only soldiers being recognized.

"Wisconsin Vietnam vets really insisted the Hmong veterans have an important role in this weekend's activities," said Jon Miskowski, one of the LZ Lambeau organizers.

Miskowski said there will be an exhibit and a presentation dedicated to the thousands of Hmong soldiers who fought on the side of the United States.

"They were fighting the communists in Laos. Also, a really important thing we kept hearing from veterans again and again, the Hmong were there for shot down airmen," said Miskowski.

Language is still a barrier for many of the Hmong veterans who have since immigrated to the United States. But Naotou Lor, the president of Wisconsin Lao Veterans, said they feel honored to be included in the event.

"Because we helped the United States during the Vietnam War and the Secret War in Laos," said Lor.

The Secret War was an operation funded by the CIA. Miskowski said the Hmong soldiers were trained for missions including cutting off North Vietnam's supply lines.

"It is really important that they be here. The vets are looking forward to seeing them and thanking them for their service," said Miskowski.

It's an event to honor all those who fought.


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