Students at D.C. Everest Recognize Hmong History Month

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Students at D.C. Everest Middle School are recognizing Hmong History Month.

On Tuesday, Hmong students came dressed in traditional outfits.

Student Bright Day Her says, "I'm not afraid. I'm different from other people and I'm not afraid to show it."

Other students took the day to learn more about the culture. "It's what their culture is. I think that's pretty cool," says student Alex Soukup.

Even teachers took part in the day. Social Studies teacher Mr. Yao Yang used it to teach children about Hmong culture.

"The kids don't understand. Even Hmong students don't understand how we, the Hmong people, originated from Southeast Asia," says Mr. Yang.

Leaders say the goal of the day is to make students become more culturally aware and accepting of others.


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