US Hmong Group Calls For UN Monitors In Laos

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Minnesota-based Hmong group is calling on the Lao government to allow international monitors into a temporary camp housing thousands of new Hmong refugees.

Late last month, Thailand forcibly deported about 4,500 Hmong asylum seekers to Laos despite objections from the U.S. and rights groups who fear they will be persecuted.

Shortly after the deportations, Laos denied the U.N. immediate access to the refugees saying it would "complicate" matters, but international observers could visit later.

The St. Paul-based Hmong Diaspora Leadership Council says Tuesday that Hmong in the United States have received calls from the Lao camp about mistreatment in Laos and Thailand.

The group claims that Lao officials in the camp have separated the men from their families.


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