Jungle Hmong under attack

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PRESS RELEASE – September 16, 2009

Jungle Hmong under attack

On September 5, 2009, the Lao military attacked a small group of jungle Hmong in Saysomboun Special Zone’s Phu Bia area. Five Hmong were reportedly wounded during the attack.

This latest incident is just one of many ongoing attacks carried out against Hmong descendants of the CIA’s secret army. It is believed that only about 100-200 Hmong remain trapped inside the Phu Bia jungles but they are hesitant to surrender due to the fact that the Lao government does not officially acknowledge their existence, nor the continuing military attacks against them.

The recent attack occurred near Nam Gia Nam Gan, about 1 kilometer east of Pha Dong (LS 05) village, where the CIA had originally recruited the Hmong some 50 years ago to fight against the communists. A CIA propaganda film “Journey from Pha Dong” (1967) shows lots of footage of young Hmong boys being trained to fire weapons. Now their children and grandchildren remain the ongoing target of the Lao military because of this past allegiance with the U.S.

Due to these ongoing attacks many jungle Hmong have risked surrendering but have not been allowed freedom of movement. A group of 63 had surrendered to Lao authorities in mid-August but are being held at a camp in Muang Om not far from where the fighting’s going on. The group wanted to resettle in an area less secluded and dangerous as it is very easy for them to take the blame for those holding out in the jungle.

Joe Davy
Hmong Advocate


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