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Thursday, January 15, 2009

In one of my older post when I wrote back in July 2008 here, I received a criticism comment about why I post articles, links, etc. This is the comment is from John - It's funny how your blog suggest that one who knows Hmong is one who used internet resource to link your "Hmongness". Hehehe...

My response back - Well John - I'm sorry if you feel that way. I'm not here to make my own personal opinion on Hmong people. I am here just to share what is out there. I'm still learning about my culture. Thanks for stopping by.

In additional, I think this blog is enough "hmong-ness." I mean, yes, I post articles, links, whatever I find on the net. That is true. I'm not denying that. I never said I was going to blog about my beliefs or opinions on Hmong culture. Yes, I am Hmong. But for those who are Hmong, we are all still learning about our culture. The main reason is there were not written documentation about the Hmong culture. My parent's generation were the first to come to America. For me, growing up here I hit the bridge between Hmong and American.

However, the comment John left did encourage me to blog more about being Hmong-American, which I will start to do. Thanks, John.

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