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©SommerFilms, July 1, 2008
HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS filmmaker Rebecca Sommer released July 1, 2008 an eye-opening 8 minute long video titled:"THE SHAMEFUL TRUTH HOW LAOS TREATS REPATRIATED HMONG LAO REFUGEES"
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The video's purpose is to raise awareness on how communist Laos (LPDR) may treat those Hmong refugees forced back to Laos.

Thailand deported hundreds and hundreds of desperate Hmong Lao refugees back to Laos - many against their consent.
The international community has no access to those forcefully returned. In the past, if a journalist or diplomat was allowed to visit some of the returnees, they were surveilled by Lao officials, and the frightened Hmong Lao could not speak freely to them.
There is no data on how many are gone missing, and there is no record on their whereabouts.

June 2008, Thailand deported over 1600 refugees back to Laos. The operation came after a mass protest by thousands of Lao Hmong who broke out of the refugee camp in Phetchabun Province run by the Thai Army in a desperate attempt to walk towards Bangkok, to reach the UNHCR, who has been denied access to the refugees - by Thailand.

Hear what these Hmong Lao children endured, after they were forced back to Laos in 2005. The "Missing 26 children" made international headlines. Thailand forcefully deported 21 girls, 5 boys and one woman back to Laos December 2005. The children's parents remained in the refugee camp in Thailand - helpless and desperately waiting for their stolen children . The children's parents were Christians, and fled Laos to escape religious persecution. After persistent international pressure, Laos- all by a sudden- "found" 16 months later, in March 2007, 21 of the children, all of them girls, while the woman and 5 boys are still"missing".

And after you watched this video, take the time and WATCH the video which was released by LAOS to promote to the international media that the girls have been found, and were happy and well-treated, titled :"Handover 21 girls."

( In case the LPDR decides to remove their video after the release of "THE SHAMEFUL TRUTH...", you can contact for another link to the LPDR video.)

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